Plato: Why Now, Why Ever?
Ľubica Učník
Pig Melon︎︎︎
Saturday August 7 and Sunday August 8, 10am–3pm.

This course is a short excursus into Plato’s dialogues to consider his relevance for today. The masterclass will be structured around close readings of some key Socratic dialogues, beginning with his “Letter VII.” I will suggest that “Letter VII” can be interpreted as a summary of old Plato’s own thinking and as (to use today’s language) a manifesto to defend reason, dialogue, and the importance of the just polis. No prior knowledge of Plato is required.

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Instructor biography

Dr Ľubica Učník’s research is in the area of history of ideas, phenomenology, and the question of truth. She is specifically interested in the history of mathematisation and the modern impulse to reduce everything to algorithmic reasoning and datafication.