Existentialism and Freedom
Ľubica Učník
Fremantle Library, Walyalup Civic Centre
10-week course 
Sundays, 1pm–3.30pm
March 6–May 8, 2022

Today, the experience of angst is medicalised, psychologised, commercialised. We can even buy apps to overcome it and achieve happiness. However, philosophers have argued that experiencing angst is part of what it means to be human, rather than a problem for which there is a ready solution. This unit explores existentialism and the history of the idea of angst in Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Dostoevsky, and others’ work. We explore how the philosophical idea of angst is relevant to our lives today.

In this course, you will be encouraged to become familiar with primary texts of seminal thinkers in existentialism, Existenz philosophy and phenomenology. The hope, however, is that you will gain an overall understanding of the issues covered.

Pablo Picasso, Don Quixote (1955).
Image: PabloPicasso.org.

Instructor biography
Dr Ľubica Učník’s research is in the area of history of ideas, phenomenology, and the question of truth. She is specifically interested in the history of mathematisation and the modern impulse to reduce everything to algorithmic reasoning and datafication.