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SCA Studio Crit Program 2023
David Attwood
8-week course
Wednesdays, 7pm–9pm
May 17–July 5, 2023 
Applications closed

The SCA Studio Crit Program is a coordinated series of group studio critiques for artists working in the field of Contemporary Art. Participants present works in progress for critical feedback from the cohort, with the aim of aiding the material and conceptual development of their artistic projects, exchanging ideas, and fostering discussion. 

Participation in the SCA Studio Crit Program is by application, with up to eight positions available. Over eight sessions, each participant will individually present their work to the group for discussion. It is imperative that all participants attend all sessions. Sessions will take place in the studio of the presenting participant, and where this is not possible alternative arrangements will be made. 

Please note that the program is not open to currently enrolled students, and privileges artists that have an undergraduate degree or qualification in art or higher. The program is coordinated by artist David Attwood. Applications are now closed.

SCA Studio Crit Program 2022 participants
Akira Akira
Kieron Broadhurst
Dan Bourke
Sophie Durand
Pascale Giorgi
Jacob Kotzee

Participants in SCA Studio Crit Program 2022

Instructor biography
David Attwood makes artwork in the form of readymades, found objects and sculptural assemblages using contemporary commodities. Attwood holds a PhD in Art from Curtin University, and in 2019 completed the SOMA Summer Program, SOMA, Mexico City. He has shown his work widely across Australia and overseas in commercial, institutional, artist-run, online, and offsite settings. Attwood is the coeditor of the book The Art of Laziness: Contemporary Art and Post-Work Politics (Art + Australia, 2020) and runs the project space Disneyland Paris
Life, Death, and Meaning
Ľubica Učník
Fremantle Library, Walyalup Civic Centre
10-week course
Dates TBC (coming early 2023)

Given that modern thought has renounced the privileged position of God, and/or the Cosmos, as the explanatory horizon within which we make sense of our lives, Science seems to be the only criterion of our reality. Wonder and awe-inspiring nature becomes a collection of things that modern science can explain within its mathematical-scientific formula. In our technologically globalised world, the ancient question of the meaning of life becomes meaningless. Transcendence no longer conditions our lives. Rather, we are concerned with our finite individual projects, channelling our energies towards a greater accumulation of material possessions that are the only measure of our success in life. In this unit, we will attempt to think over the ancient question of the meaning of life. Is it possible to think about “the meaning of life” in our modern techno-scientific world?

William Blake, Ancient of Days (1794).

Instructor biography

Dr Ľubica Učník’s research is in the area of history of ideas, phenomenology, and the question of truth. She is specifically interested in the history of mathematisation and the modern impulse to reduce everything to algorithmic reasoning and datafication.